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Are Hair Supplements Safe For Use?

Are Hair Supplements Safe
Thinning hair is an absolute nuisance. Naturally, we want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Supplements for thicker hair may sound like a godsend – after all, they are mostly made of matter found in our very own body; surely, there can be little to no side effects? The facts might surprise you; so let’s try and answer the often overlooked questions: are hair supplements safe and what are their potential dangers?

Are Hair Supplements Safe?

Unfortunately, just as with everything else, you need to take exactly the right amounts of your necessary nutrients. Too much is just as bad as too little, and sometimes it’s arguably worse. Unless the product in question has just the right amount of all of its ingredients, your healthy hair pills could be a potential disaster. But what about organizations whose job is to keep exactly those things in check, like the FDA? Shouldn’t they be regulating these numbers?

There’s the big problem: the FDA does not review dietary supplement products for safety and effectiveness. Only if the manufacturer itself carefully oversees the production are hair supplements safe at all.  The one time they have to report anything to the FDA is if their product contains a new ingredient. Even then, they will only be review it for safety, and not effectiveness. And it will be only a review, not an approval.

The Often Overlooked Dangers of Bad Hair Supplements

A brand of multivitamin in 2008 reportedly contained as much as 200 times the advertised amount of selenium – an ingredient most commonly used in anti-dandruff shampoo. And while a mild dose of this substance can be beneficial, too much can cause severe damage to hair, and even nails.

Selenium is not the only ingredient that manufacturers use in supplements for hair growth. Vitamins E and A are very common in these products; and they are doubtlessly very effective. However, excess intake of vitamin E and even very mild over-consumption of vitamin A can cause blurred vision. Dangers of vitamin A go so far as to in rare cases cause skeletal problems and even birth defects.

Avoiding products with large amounts of these ingredients is the safest way to ensure your body doesn’t come to any harm. Although the allergies to some of these ingredients are very rare, you can test yourself, just to be certain. CatalaseNow is an example of a great supplement that is very effective, and contains none of the aforementioned substances. It comes with a bestdeal offer that enables you to take advantage of it, completely risk-free.