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Benefits of Catalase Enzyme Supplement

Catalase Enzyme Supplement
Catalase is a powerful enzyme that is produced naturally within our bodies. It prevents build-up of hydrogen peroxide in our blood. Hydrogen peroxide reduces production of melanin and consequently, makes hair shaft to become grey. As we age, levels of catalase in our bodies significantly decrease, resulting in faster greying process. However, researches have shown that oral intake of catalase enzyme supplement can make up for the natural loss of catalase.

Catalase Enzyme Supplement May Increase Lifespan

Scientists all over the world examine catalase for its effects on human vitality and possibility to extend life span. Researchers from the University of Washington conducted the experiment that involved lab rats and increase of their natural catalase levels. The results were rather shocking. Augmentation of catalase actually increased the life span of those rats by almost 20%. In other words, that is the equivalent of almost 25 human years.

Provides Antioxidant Support

Catalase is one of the most efficient enzymes that can be found in human body cells. It provides fast reaction against free radicals and turns them into water and oxygen.

Anti-Aging Effects

The scientists have also determined that there is a direct connection between free radical damage and our life span. Since catalase enzyme directly attacks free radicals, the study suggests the link between catalase enzyme supplement and increased lifespan. In addition this enzyme may help avert degenerative diseases. Scientific studies all over the world concentrate on proving the connection between this enzyme and life prolongation.

Reduction of Fats

Another study, conducted in Japan, established a connection between Catalase enzyme and lower amount of fats in lab rats. This research also proved the connection between this enzyme and increase of strength in muscles.

DNA Damage Prevention

Scientists also determined that antioxidant enzymes, such as Catalase, can reduce accumulation of protein, oxidative stress and, consequently, DNA damage. The experiment entailed giving dietary supplements to lab rats, including catalase. Catalase proved to reduce cell membranes’ dysfunction and slows the aging process in rats.

CatalaseNow Supplement for Hair

One of the hair supplements available on the market, CatalaseNow, contains high concentration of Catalase enzyme. In addition, this catalase enzyme supplement provides highest quality of ingredients that combine mineral and herbal additives to promote healthy and thick tresses. Furthermore, it doesn’t only help improve vitality and beauty of your hair, but also your overall health. Take advantage of this risk-free offer to start giving your hair the care it deserves.