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Importance of One of the Best Hair Supplements – Catalase

Best Hair Supplements
We have mentioned catalase many times before in our articles. It is one of the best hair supplements, as it can provide fuller, thicker hair and reverse grey hair. However, it has many other benefits for our body. So let’s see why catalase is so highly regarded in the industry of best hair supplements.

What is it?

In case you haven’t read some of our previous articles, or simply forgot, catalase is an important enzyme in our body. Enzymes are parts of our cells that accelerate chemical reactions in our body. Catalase, in particular, helps our body turn hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide is very harmful to our body. How harmful? Well, scientists have theorized that aging is caused by it building up in our systems. It happens when catalase isn’t working as fast or is consistently lacking in our body. This is why catalase is a frequent part of supplements for thicker hair. Not only because it helps hair grow, but also because hydrogen peroxide prevents the production of melanin in our body, which gives our hair color.

What else can it do?

There have been many experiments to determine exactly how beneficial catalase is to our body. A study in 2006 has shown that it helps prevent DNA damage, because of the antioxidant properties of catalase. Antioxidant means that it prevents too much oxygen from getting into your body and creating harmful substances. So, contrary to popular belief, too much fresh air CAN kill you. That doesn’t mean that you should get paranoid and start sniffing exhaust pipes to remedy yourself; oxydation is perfectly natural and normal, and is part of the growth of our organisms and a part of the circle of life and death.

Some scientists have also started looking into its ability to reduce fat in our organisms, due to a theory that oxidative stress causes fat to build up in our body. While there isn’t enough data yet to be 100% about all of these claims, there’s no denying that it definitely benefits our body greatly.

Do Only the Best Hair Supplements Contain Catalase?

We have written many times about the benefits of hair supplements. Still, catalase alone cannot help you get thicker hair. Best hair supplements that contain catalase should also have a variety of other vitamins and ingredients. While we can’t guarantee wonders – we can vouch for visible improvements and recommend CatalaseNow. You might also know it under name GetAwayGrey on some markets. Take advantage of this risk free offer and start giving your hair the care it deserves.