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What Are the Best Vitamins for Your Hair?

Best Vitamins for Your Hair
A healthy diet can make all the difference for your body, and no less so for hair. We will name some of the best vitamins for your hair that you should include in your nutrition.

The Antioxidants: Vitamins C and E

While oxygen is necessary for every living creature to survive, it is also responsible for one of the most harmful substances.

Oxygen mixes with the water in our body and produces hydrogen peroxide. It is the main reason for hair turning grey and hair loss. One of the ways our body counters it is with catalase, which significantly speeds up the process of anti-oxidation – turning hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. However, this cannot work without antioxidants; and vitamins C and E are very strong when it comes to that.

Furthermore, vitamin C is also necessary to create collagen and absorb iron, both of which are very important to make your hair thicker. This plethora of various uses easily makes it one of the best vitamins for your hair.

The Foundation: Vitamins D and B

Deficiencies of vitamins B (specifically B12) and D have been found to cause alopecia, or hair loss. B vitamins help your body transport oxygen, helping our body function and make fuller hair. However, this does not mean the production of hydrogen peroxide is bigger – this vitamin makes sure the process is 100% safe. D is also thought to be necessary for creating new hair follicles. While ingesting vitamin D is important, our body cannot synthesize it without sun – so be sure to get that tan!

The Builder: Vitamin A

This vitamin is crucial for cell growth. It’s also responsible for making sebum, the grease that covers our hair and keeps it healthy. However, while a deficiency in vitamin A can cause hair loss, overdosing has its downsides as well.  Handle this this one with moderation, as overdose could turn one of the best vitamins for your hair into a harmful substance.

Partners of the Best Vitamins for Your Hair

Vitamins alone aren’t enough to help you get thicker hair. There’s a big number of other nutrients you will need to include in your nutrition.
Zinc helps repair hair tissue and make the aforementioned sebum.
Iron, like vitamin B, helps transport oxygen through your body.
Logically, since proteins are the main building blocks of our body, they also play a major factor in hair growth.
Last, but not least, we’ve already mentioned the catalase enzyme, arguably the most important part of keeping your hair from falling and going grey.

You can get most of these substances from proper nutrition.  However, for most people, some additional intake may be required.

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