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Best Vitamins for Your Hair in a Good Hair Supplement

Best Vitamins for Your Hair
Something that always gets mentioned as one of the best methods of dealing with thinning hair is hair supplements. This time we will delve deeper into how these magical little things work. We’ll be deconstructing the magic behind hair supplements and discussing what are the best vitamins for your hair that such supplements should have.

The Essential: Vitamin B

First and foremost, a good supplement for hair needs to contain a vitamin B complex. These are absolutely necessary for our bodies to function properly. The B12 complex is important for our nervous system as well as DNA synthesis. The latter is what helps our hair grow; by helping DNA synthesis, this vitamin complex makes sure that the hair our body produces is thicker, stronger and healthier. However, the one that is arguably more important is the B6 complex. It helps with our blood circulation and the way it transports nutrients through our body, which in turn make fuller hair. However, the benefit we get from better circulation doesn’t apply to hair only, it helps our entire body, including skin. Biotin or vitamin B7 also helps in a similar way, and a deficiency in it has been known to cause a type of skin infection called perioral dermatitis.

Natural Hair Supplements: Plants with Best Vitamins for Your Hair

There are many that say natural ingredients are the best source of vitamins. It’s a fact: fruit, vegetables and many herbs contain not only the best vitamins for your hair, but for your body in general. So, a good hair pill needs to have natural hair supplements in it, herb extracts that contain vitamin complexes like C, A, E, as well as various other nutrients that contribute to fuller, thicker hair.

Catalase: The Miracleworker

Out of all the things we mentioned so far, this is probably the most important one. This substance trumps even the best vitamins for your hair. Let’s get into some more detail:

The thing that’s single-handedly responsible for thinning, grey hair and wrinkled skin is hydrogen peroxide. The oxygen that we breathe in daily is, in fact, the very thing that makes us grow old. Catalase helps our body remove hydrogen peroxide by speeding up a process which we know as antioxidation. If there ever was something we could call the fountain of youth, it would be supplements with catalase.

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