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Catalase Supplement – Help for Grey Hair

Catalase supplement
Many scientists are diligently working on catalase supplement that could not only deter the greying process, but also revert it. There is a direct correlation between the hair greying and gradual loss of catalase enzyme in human organism as we age.

How Catalase Enzyme Works?

Accumulated oxidation causes the hair to start bleaching itself from the inside out, while catalase enzyme prevents this oxidation from happening. Catalase enzyme neutralizes the harmful effects of hydrogen peroxide – blockage of melatonin production. And it is melatonin that gives the hair its color – black, blonde or brown. Of course, this is just a simplified explanation of a really complex chemical process. Still, one thing is certain – catalase is number one enemy of hair greying. One conclusion comes naturally – increase of catalase enzyme in one’s organism can very likely deter the greying process and other side effects of aging. Currently, there are two known ways how you can increase your natural levels of catalase enzyme – through nutrition or by taking catalase supplement.

What Food Contains Sufficient Quantities of Catalase?

Beef liver meat is a best known dietary source of catalase. As for the plants, all plants contain catalase to some extent. However, only certain ones contain it in significant quantities that would ensure the appropriate levels of this enzyme in your body. The plants that contain sufficient amounts of catalase are usually young plants and sprouts– clover, lentils, wheat, dark green and Brussel sprouts.
Another types of food that also contain catalase are yeast, cheese, seeds, sunflower and dairy products.

When considering catalase-rich food, bear in mind that beef liver carries the risk of bad cholesterol and harmful fats. It is always best to consume this type of meat with vegetables, fruits and plants that are rich in catalase. That way you will take good care of nutritional needs of your organism and provide it with enough means to fight the hair greying process.

Catalase Supplement – Best Prevention of the Greying Process

With the continuous research of Catalase enzyme, scientists have discovered its numerous other beneficial effects. They conducted a number of experiments on lab rats, which lead them to some amazing discoveries. They increased levels of catalase of rats with supplements and proved that it increased their life span for about 20%. At this moment, catalase is available in a form of nutritional supplement for hair care and anti-aging benefits.
One of the products that are especially popular for its excellent performance is – CatalaseNow. CatalaseNow doesn’t only contain beneficial Catalase supplement, but also a great number of vitamins and nutrients crucial for hair care. It is available for ordering online, completely risk – free. Take advantage from this best-deal offer to start fighting the aging process and giving your hair the care it deserves.

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