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Get Fuller Thicker Hair by Ditching These 5 Bad Habits

fuller thicker hair

Are you worried about your hair shedding like crazy? Or its failing to grow back? Although shedding is perfectly normal to a certain extent, there are some habits that you might not be even aware of, but are preventing you from getting fuller thicker hair of your dreams.
When it comes to hair care, knowing what practices to ditch is equally important as supplements for hair growth that you might be taking.

Some of these habits are pure common sense, while some might surprise you.

1. Too much coffee or tea

This one might come off as a surprise. While there are studies that prove that caffeine is actually beneficial for hair care, too much of it can negatively impact your cardio-vascular system and consequently – your hair. Moderation is a key, and if you aren’t sure whether you’ve taken too much coffee, you can replace it with chicory root.

2. Processed Foods

Processed foods such as chocolate, donuts, pizzas, biscuits and cakes are excellent occasional treats.  However, they are rich in sugar and fats, while having extremely low nutritional values.
They result in your feeling ‘full’ and satiated, even though you haven’t eaten anything that will actually provide your body with nutrients that ensure its proper functioning and health.

Too much of processed foods eventually results in weight gain, dull hair and skin, slow performing brain and bad joints.

3. Staying Late

Getting enough sleep is crucial for glowing skin and healthy hair. During the sleep cells of our whole body are getting repaired and renewed. Cutting out on this precious time will be evident on your face, skin and hair first.

4. Smoking

The bad effects of smoking are widely known and this foul habit is being banned from public places in many countries. If you are still smoking for some reason, your quest for fuller thicker hair might remain unobtainable.

5. Lack of exercise

You can easily fall into this routine, especially when tired after long day at work.
Still, bear in mind that through exercising and sweat, we are flushing the toxins out of our bodies. We are increasing the blood circulation throughout the whole organism, including the scalp. This enables the vitamins responsible for thicker hair growth to reach the follicles. If you do not exercise, none of it will happen.

So, How to get Fuller Thicker Hair?

These 5 bad habits may stand in your way of getting thicker hair. It is not that difficult – cut off the excesses, eat properly, sleep and exercise. If you are having trouble to adopt a proper diet, make sure to include some of the natural hair supplements that are available as pills, such as CatalaseNow. This product includes all the vitamins for thicker hair growth, but also for overall well-being of your whole organism.  These healthy hair pills come with a four-month Money-Back Guarantee , so they are completely risk-free.