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How to Get Thicker Hair by Avoiding Common Mistakes

get thicker hair
We usually take common, everyday tasks for granted. So much so that we never even question if our methods could potentially be wrong, or even harmful. So, let’s eliminate the risks with these small, but effective secrets, enabling you to get thicker hair of your dreams.

Heat Protection

One of the most harmful things for your hair is too much heat.  To get thicker hair, you need to minimize the damage; and since leaving your hair to air-dry overnight is not always the best solution, you should consider one of these alternatives to help you protect it from any excess heat:

  • Take a conditioner – one that doesn’t rinse off – and leave it for about five minutes, then rinse your hair with cool water. Coating your hair with conditioner is arguably better than using heat-protectant spray. This is especially important to do if you use blow-dryers or a flat iron.
  • Use heat-protection spray – it’s still necessary. But don’t just slather it over your hair – instead, take small sections and mist them up and down. After that, comb your hair to spread the product out.
  • Get a blow-dryer that can blow cool air. Your hair will still be hot after you finish drying it, which means it’s still being fried and damaged. After blow-drying your hair with hot air, hit the cold air button and cool it off.

If you practice these methods regularly, you should get thicker hair in no time.

Drying With Softer Materials

Do you rub your hair with your towel after you’ve gotten it wet? That’s not a good thing. An important step in getting thicker hair is drying it with softer materials – like an old t-shirt you don’t use anymore, especially if it’s made of cotton. It won’t scratch the cuticle (the outer layer of your hair) nearly as much.

If you don’t have any tees nearby, you can opt for using paper towels. Blot the hair, don’t rub – unless you want the wet paper towel to fall apart all over your hair. This will not only be much gentler to your hair, it will also absorb more water than a regular towel, which will speed up the drying process – and cause less damage.

Get Thicker Hair by Feeding it With Hair Nutrients

We cannot stress it enough: any effort you make to get thicker hair will be in vain if you don’t give your hair the right nutrients. You can get a lot of what you need from a good diet. However, to really get great results, you should use the right supplement for hair. CatalaseNow has all the nutrients you would need to make fuller hair, it comes with natural ingredients – and you can get it with this risk-free deal.