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Get Thicker Hair In The Year Ahead

Get Thicker HairUnless you’re planning on doing secret Santa, chances are you don’t want to go into 2018 with grey hair. We’re going to go over some neat methods of getting rid of that pesky, grey hair. Let’s try and help you get thicker hair in the year ahead!

The Magic of Onion Juice

Squeezing onions or mashing them into paste can actually do wonders for your hair. An onion’s natural contents help make your hair thicker and prevent it from becoming grey. In addition, onion juice encourages your body to create catalase – the main thing keeping your hair from going all grey and brittle. People also use it for treating a disease called vitiligo, which makes you lose pigmentation. Simply apply the onion juice to your hair and let it sit there for an hour or 2. In a few months, you’ll see the results. It might sting a bit, but it’s worth it.

Coconut Oil Works Wonders

You can use coconut oil for so many things: to treat lice and dandruff, but also to help you get fuller, thicker hair.  The reason for this is that coconut oil has special types of acids that act as anti-oxidants. They get through your hair follicle and straight into the core to nourish your hair. Either apply it directly to your hair or mix it with your shampoo and leave it for about 30 minutes. If you’re too concerned about the onion juice (and we totally understand why), this is your best bet.

Dye Your Hair with Tea

Yes, it turns out that the colors of tea can actually help your hair retain its color. While it’s not as effective as actual dye, it’s very cost-effective and 100% natural. Depending on your color, you should pick a tea that suits it best: black for black hair, rooitea for red and chamomile for blond. All you have to do is take 5 bags of whatever tea you need in 2 cups of water and boil it. Wait for it to cool off, apply it to wet hair and leave it for about an hour.

Natural Hair Supplements to Get Thicker Hair

Whatever method you choose, one thing’s certain: supplements will always help the process greatly. As we have mentioned before, catalase is crucial to get thicker hair and get rid of greys. We recommend CatalaseNow, which you may know under the name GetAwayGrey . The results should be visible within the first 8 weeks, with this  risk-free offer.

Thanks for sticking around for a whole year! Happy holidays!