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Getting Thicker Hair is Easier Than You May Think

Getting thicker hair
Hair shedding and hair thinning present an ever-growing problem for a wide number of people. The factors that contribute to it are lack of sleep, exposure to stress and bad nutritional habits. With today’s hectic way of living, it is not easy to exclude all of these factors, but there still are many things that you can do. Getting thicker hair is possible with only a few changes to your usual hair-care routine.

Avoiding Harmful Hair-care Habits helps in Getting Thicker Hair

Many people do not know this, but blow-drying and exposing hair to heat is very harmful for your hair. That also goes for hair ironing and exposing your hair to chemicals. Exposure to this type of heat weakens the hair and makes it susceptible to split ends and thinning. If you absolutely need to blow-dry your hair, make sure to set the dryer at the lowest possible temperature and do it in intervals.

Trimming the hair is also a good method to getting thicker hair, especially if you plan to grow it longer. Regular cutting of split ends will prevent further breakage and will make the hear look fuller.

Use Natural Oils For Additional Hair Care

Natural oils are an important factor in hair care, especially if your hair is dried out or damaged. They will help your hair retain its moisture and keep its natural elasticity and shine. The oils that can help in getting thicker hair are olive, Jamaican castor, coconut and aloe oils. You can apply any of those oils to your hair alone, or in combination with egg yolk for increased effect. Make sure to apply the oil to the hair ends as well as to the scalp. Wrap the hair in the warm towel and keep the oil mass in it for at least an hour. After washing out, your hair will be silky and shiny, and your tresses will be far less susceptible to damage and breaking.

Getting Thicker Hair with Vitamin Supplements

Proper nutrition is very important not only for your general well-being, but also for getting thicker hair. With exposure to stress and irregular lifestyles of nowadays, many people suffer from different vitamin-deficiencies without them knowing it. However hair, skin and nails will be the first to show the symptoms that something is wrong, through increased shedding, thinning out, dry and brittle look.

What you can do is check your blood with your doctor, to see if you suffer from some important nutrient deficiency. To make sure that you’re taking all the necessary nutrients for getting thicker hair, make sure to compliment your diet with a supplement for hair. Taking hair supplement, such as CatalaseNow, is a convenient and inexpensive way to enhance your overall health. Consequently, it will help your hair to look its best, without any risks involved.