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How Hair Chemicals Stop You from Getting Thick Hair

Getting Thick Hair
Many products of today contain various additives, chemicals, etc. They all claim to be miraculous and boastful of its effects on getting thick hair. It’s so widespread, you practically can’t get away from them… Or can you? Do you even need to? Today, we’ll be looking at a couple of artificially-made substances used in hair products to determine whether they’re a friend or a foe.

FD&C Color Pigments: Colors Won’t Help With Getting Thick Hair

FD&C stands for the “Food, Drugs and Cosmetics act” which is a set of laws that give authority to the FDA to supervise the safety of the aforementioned products. These laws also include which artificial colors manufacturers can use.

These pigments all contain coal and tar. While they use it in medicine to treat various conditions, it can be carcinogen in large doses. It slows cell growth to help shed skin. This is why they use it in medicine, usually for skin conditions. However, as you might’ve guessed, cell growth is essential for getting thicker hair. The FDA states that concentrations between 0.5 and 5 percent are deemed safe. We have, however, seen that the FDA’s influence on what the actual companies put in their product is flimsy at best. So it is better to stay away from these, unless they’re in the medicine that a doctor prescribed to you.

Ethanolamine Compounds: Dangerous Cleanliness

Ethanolamine is present in a huge amount of cosmetic products, including shampoos, dyes, conditioners, and much more. We’re only examining hair products and whether they help get thick hair. MEA, DEA and TEA are the most common compounds and they contain ethanolamine. In experiments on female mice this ingredient is carcinogen. There were also studies that show bioaccumulation – meaning they stay on the surface of the skin after use. This affects the hair growth and, as expected, don’t really help make fuller hair. Many more studies show a massive number of other effects on different organs, but there’s far too much to cover in one article.

And if you were using for a long period of time any of these products, you might want to consider repairing your hair. As we’ve seen from this tidbit, you’ll want to go for an all-natural, healthy hair pills: and our recommendation is the CatalaseNow hair supplements. With 2 pills every day after a meal, the results should already be showing. If not, don’t worry: the offer is completely risk-free.