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Herbs as Natural Supplements for Thicker Hair

Supplements for Thicker Hair
This time, we’re presenting you with a list of healthy herbs that can help in making your hair thicker. A diet that includes these herbs has many additional benefits for your health. However, we will be focusing on their usefulness as supplements for thicker hair. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Rosemary Oil

This essential oil is believed to increase cellular metabolism which affect our hair growth. A study in 2015 compared people who went through a hair treatment with minoxidil (a chemical used to treat baldness) and rosemary oil. The results were by and large the same, except people who used rosemary oil experienced less scalp itching.

An absolute case-in-point as to why natural ingredients in supplements for thicker hair are usually better!

Saw Palmetto

Together with having medical benefits, this plant also helps promote fuller, thicker hair in addition to all its other effects. Namely, it blocks a special enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT, which is one of the main causes of hair loss. Interestingly enough, a study in Japan in 2013 that was researching the aforementioned rosemary oil, was testing the effects of the oil on mice that were suffering from an excess of DHT in their organisms.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera juice is beneficial as a beverage or if you apply it directly onto the hair and scalp. Either way, this one absolutely works miracles.

It’s been used to treat wounds after surgery incisions. Not only did it help heal the wound, but it also helped the hair grow back as well! This is all due to a powerful antioxidant protein called metallothionein. This protein is generated by our skin and helps us against UV radiation of the Sun.

Barley Grass

This wheat derivative is extremely healthy and nutritious in many ways: from helping digestion, hydrating the skin and promoting cardiovascular health all the way to reducing morning sickness during pregnancy. It has many proteins and vitamins which are essential to get thicker hair, but also helps cure anemia, another disease which is characterized by hair loss.

Herbs in Supplements for Thicker Hair

Sometimes, a good combination of various nutrients and other substances is necessary to obtain the desired effect. Here is where supplements for thicker hair, ideally with natural ingredients, would help immensely. To give your hair all the ingredients it needs, we recommend CatalaseNow, also known as GetAwayGrey. Its results should be visible in 8-12 weeks. Take advantage of this risk-free offer to start giving your hair the care it deserves.