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How to Get Fuller Hair – Overlooked Tips

How to Get Fuller Hair
By now, you’ve probably seen a lot of tips on many blogs – including our own – talking about the classic ways of protecting your hair and making it thicker. However, we’ve delved a little deeper into the whole matter and discovered some simple, yet often overlooked methods on how to get fuller hair. So, without further ado, we’ll uncover these secrets to you.

Water Cleanses the Body

All harmful materials in our body get taken out through urination. An important part of this process is, of course, water. So, it seems that you should drink it for more than just hydration. It cleans us on the inside just as well as on the outside. As it makes our way through the body, it collects all sorts of harmful substances and helps throw them out in the end. The result being fuller, thicker hair.

Take it Easy with the Styling

Sure, doing crazy stuff with your hair can make you unique, special and beautiful. However, unsurprisingly, they also make your hair tear and break. It’s not just down to the chemicals in products – tugging and pulling and generally being rough are actually the most common reasons. We’re not saying that you should stop styling your hair altogether, just be a little more gentle.

In fact, opting for the so-called protective styles, such as twists, braids and weaves, can actually help you get thicker hair by keeping your ends tucked in and minimizing the possibility of their splitting. Having split ends can make your hair look raggedy and thinner than it actually is. Who would’ve thought that styling would be one of the tips on how to get fuller hair? Aesthetic and useful. Fantastic!

Avoid Sulfates

Sulfates are often described as helping with dandruff and grease. While that might be true, they don’t exactly do it in a pretty way. They are harsh detergents which can damage your hair.

Furthermore, even the mildest and most natural shampoos can wear and tear your hair if you over-wash it. So it’s not all in the ingredients: it’s in the method as well. In general, just being gentle and careful can make your hair thicker much more than you’d expect.

Can Supplements Be the Answer on How to Get Fuller Hair?

In a word – yes. But you should be careful with the ingredients, since overdosing on certain vitamins can actually be dangerous. Normally, you should stick to the ones that have the most natural ingredients.

Our recommendation is CatalaseNow, which you may also know as GetAwayGrey, since it contains little to no chemicals and can work rather quickly. In 8 to 12 weeks, you should already be able to see the first results. Take advantage of this risk-free offer to start giving your hair the care it deserves.