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How to Get Thicker Hair With Hair Vitamin Supplements

How to get thicker hair
If you don’t consume adequate quantities of vitamins and minerals through your nutrition, your overall health might be affected. In addition, your hair quality, its thickness and ability to grow will suffer as well. If you ever wondered how to get thicker hair – vitamins and minerals might be an answer.  Some of the essential nutrients that you need to include are: vitamin B6, Biotin, Inositol, vitamins C & E, Inositol, Zinc and Magnesium.

Important Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin B6
  • belongs to a B-complex group of vitamins. It participates in the metabolism process, acting as a catalyst. It helps activate chemical reactions within a body and activates the enzymes. Consequently, it helps activation of hair proteins melanin and keratin, helping promote hair renewal and growth.
  • helps convert nutrients into energy. Apart from hair, it also plays an important role in the health of your nails and skin. If your diet doesn’t provide you with sufficient amounts of Biotin, you might experience increased shedding or rash. Still, Biotin deficiency is not common. In most cases your regular nutrition will provide you with sufficient amounts of Biotin. If not, you can enhance your nutrition with hair supplements that contain this beneficial vitamin.
  • is a substance that is vitamin-like and is a part of many plants and animals. One of the ways in which Inositol can help hair thickness is by preventing drying. It can strengthen hair follicles so they can retain moisture. This is especially important, as dryness is one of the main reasons why hair gets brittle and breaks.
Folic Acid
  • is also linked with hair growth. Hair loss often indicates poor diet, and consequently, folic acid deficiency. Lack of folic acid can cause anemia (when the body cannot produce sufficient number of red blood cells). As red blood cells provide oxygen throughout our body, their lack will affect all body organs, scalp and hair follicles included. They will simply not receive enough oxygen, which entails a great number of negative effects, hair loss included.
Vitamin C
  • is one of the very popular and most effective nutrients. It is best if you can intake sufficient quantities of this vitamin through regular diet. If not, it is easily available as a frequent ingredient of many hair supplements. It helps build collagen that supports hair growth. In addition, vitamin C helps in iron absorption, which is also beneficial for strength and health of our hair.

How to Get Thicker Hair with Supplement

If your regular nutrition doesn’t provide your body with sufficient quantities of the above listed vitamins and minerals, one of the ways how to get thicker hair is with hair supplements. CatalaseNow is a natural hair supplement that provides your body with the highest quality of vitamins and ingredients, helping support your hair growth and thickness. You can easily order it online, completely risk-free, and start giving your hair the care it deserves.