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Lifestyle Changes that Can Make Your Hair Thicker

Make Your Hair Thicker
There can be many reasons why you’re losing hair. You might not be getting the necessary nutrients, maybe you’re stressing too much, it might even be genetic. Regardless, every problem has a solution, so here are a few changes you can introduce in your daily life that could make your hair thicker.

To Get Thicker Hair, You Need to Get Rid of Stress

So, this one might seem obvious. You’ve no doubt heard it countless times. But what exactly can be done to avoid all the stress?

It’s certainly not an easy task, since we’re constantly prone to it. And you can’t exactly just stop going to work because of that one guy or because you don’t like your boss. But there are some minor vents you can sneak in every now and then. Most notably, you should start exercising daily. Not only is the exercise itself good for your entire body, but it’s the best way to throw all the tension out. Meditation, even though it might sound silly to some, is extremely effective when it comes to calming down. Both these activities, if done regularly, can do wonders to both the mind and body.

Last, but not least, sleep is absolutely necessary. Sleep deprivation can have devastating effects on many levels, hair included. Scientists say that 7-8 hours is ideal, while 6 is the bare minimum. If you really want to make your hair thicker though, you should go with 8. But just getting those 8 hours isn’t enough. You should go to sleep at around 12-12:30 and get up at around 8. Our internal clocks have been wired to work that way for millennia.

Even if all of the above doesn’t result in fuller, thicker hair, you should still start feeling noticeably better and more energetic.

The Proper Diet Will Make Your Hair Thicker

By now, it should be no secret: to really make your hair thicker in the most effective way, you need to start nourishing it with the right diet. Proteins are an absolute necessity, Biotin and omega-3 fatty acids being the most important ones. Vitamin B complexes are also very important, particularly the B6 complex. And, following what we’ve mentioned in the previous entry, L-Tyrosine can help a lot in reducing stress.

You also need to drink enough water during the day. Dehydration can lead to serious problems with both your skin and hair. So don’t forget to take those 8 glasses of water a day.

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