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Make Your Hair Thicker with Easy Tricks

make your hair thicker
Hair breakage is just as annoying as it is common. And with hair growing only half an inch per month, it’s not easy getting the look you want. So if you’re wondering how to make your hair thicker faster, here are some useful tips.

Washing your hair properly

Let’s start at the very bottom: the shampoo. You’ll want to choose a shampoo with less sulfates in it. Sulfates are are generally pretty strong detergents, so they are rough on your hair cuticle. While washing your hair, try not to use too much shampoo. Over-washing can also damage it, since the foam won’t let the hair to hydrate properly. Having it hydrated, as we all know, is a crucial step in getting thicker hair. Paradi Mirimani, a faculty member of the American Academy of Dermatology, says: “shampoo should only remove product buildup and oil from the scalp, not the hair fiber”. Take this into account and massage your scalp before and while washing your hair. This will help the blood flow into your hair follicles and make fuller hair. And remember to use a conditioner!

Style It Right

If you’re using a hair brush, get rid of it. Unless you need it for styling, using a brush to comb your hair is a bad idea. And if your hair is wet, you’ll end up with split ends before you even know it. Use a wide-toothed comb instead and be gentle with it.
When you decide to get a haircut, stay away from scissors. A very common myth is that cutting – or shaving, if you’re male – will make your hair thicker. But really, all you need to do is just trim the ends, unless you want a style change.
Of course, getting hair extensions is always an option while you’re waiting for your hair to grow out properly. No one has to know, right?

Consider Taking Supplements to Make Your Hair Thicker

Proper supplements can boost your hair growth like crazy. Plus, it will probably end up looking better and stronger than normal. Of course, the key word is “proper”, with the right vitamins for hair thickness. As we’ve mentioned before, supplements for hair growth that don’t have the right amount of the listed ingredients can cause more harm than good. To help you out a bit on the matter, CatalaseNow offers a fantastic deal, completely risk-free.

So, there you have it. Hopefully, these tips will help you on your way fuller, thicker hair and those beautiful locks.