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Natural Hair Supplements that Boost Growth

natural hair supplements
Are you in panic because your hair is frequently falling off? Do you find shed strands on your pillow when you wake up? Does your hair fall off and remain tangled in your comb after you run it through your tresses? If you answered to all these questions with yes, it is time to treat your hair with some natural hair supplements . Not only will they improve its growth and increase strength of the roots, but will also decrease shedding.  Due to the fact that hair supplement vitamins do not contain harsh chemicals, they are perfect for people who are sensitive to aggressive ingredients. In addition, they provide a reliable solution for getting thicker hair.

Ingredients of All-Natural Hair Supplements

The main advantage of natural hair supplements is that they focus on improving the nutrient levels in your organism. Problems with hair often come from insufficient levels of vitamins and amino-acids that promote hair growth.  Hence, quality supplements need to contain B-complex vitamins, such as biotin, riboflavin, thiamin, cyanocobalamin and pyridoxine.


Biotin or Vitamin B7, is most important for hair-loss prevention. It is water-soluble, thickens the hair strand and promotes hair growth.


Vitamin B2 improves cell growths and is one of the essential nutrients in our organism. It enhances hair growth by repairing the type of damaged DNA, responsible for various hair problems. Those range from dry and lifeless hair to hair thinning and hair-loss. Because of its vulnerability to heat, oxygen and the cooking process,  many people lack it. Still, it is easy to compensate insufficient levels of this vitamin with the intake of natural hair supplements.


– or Vitamin B1, is responsible for hair growth and prevention of hair loss. B1 is a vitamin for thicker hair and is a common ingredient in many hair supplements.


– or Vitamin B12, increases elasticity of your hair and protects it from breaking. It also protects it from drying out.


– or Vitamin B6, moisturizes the hair and helps getting rid of dandruff.


Catalase is an enzyme responsible to protect cells from the toxic effect of hydrogen peroxide, one of the reasons why human hair becomes gray. While having in mind all the ingredients needed to maintain beauty and health of your hair, CatalaseNow is one of the best natural hair supplements available on the market. It has the highest quality and purity of ingredients and combines vitamins, herbal and mineral additives to support luster and thickness of your hair. Take advantage of this risk-free offer to see for yourself the benefits of these healthy hair pills.