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Natural Hair Supplements for Volume and Growth

Natural Hair Supplements for Volume and Growth
Vitamin deficiency is often the reason why some people may have increased shedding or suffer from hair loss. However, there are many options to help remedy this situation. First of all, the best thing you could do is to adopt a more balanced diet. It will give your body enough minerals, vitamins and other important nutrients. If adopting a proper diet is a problem, many natural hair supplements are also available in a form of pills. Their purpose is to enrich your regular nutrition.

What are Natural Hair Supplements?

Natural hair supplements are those that contain the nutritive ingredients normally found in diverse food. These nutritive ingredients are vitamins, proteins and minerals and they are very important for your hair’s growth and thickness. Some of the best vitamins for thicker hair growth are vitamin C, Biotin (vitamin B7), Niacin (vitamin B3). In addition, ingredients that also promote hair growth are high quality proteins, essential fatty acids, iron and zinc. Yet, if you have no time or means to improve your diet, natural hair supplements are a good alternative. One of the best products available on the market that provide all the necessary ingredients that help hair growth and thickness is CatalaseNow. This special vitamin formula contains a high concentration of the antioxidant Catalase enzyme. In addition, it combines plant, herbal and mineral additives to support thickness and luster to your hair.

4 Tips for Fuller, Thicker Hair

  1. First step is self-explanatory. Make sure to include enough minerals, vitamins and proteins in your regular nutrition. If you are unable to prepare healthy meals, at least make sure to take appropriate natural hair supplements. We cannot stress enough how important the proper nutrition is for thick, healthy looking hair.
  2. Make sure that you apply shampoo correctly. Proper shampooing will invigorate and exfoliate your scalp, cleaning sebum and oil. In addition, your shampoo of choice should be free of SLS, SLES and parabens. Instead, it should contain ingredients from natural sources, which will help provide the best possible environment for thick hair growth.
  3. Avoid stress. Stress causes dull, brittle and weak hair and can even cause hair loss. If you are frequently exposed to stress, you should allocate enough time to exercising. It is one of the best known stress-relievers. Still, if you don’t have time to exercise, at least try to meditate instead.
  4. Finally, avoid hair damage from heat styling and chemical treatments. If you frequently dry your hair with blow-dryers, or use curling or flat irons, you can damage the shaft of your hair. Tight braids are also bad if you wear them every day.