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Natural Supplements For Hair Growth and Thickness

Natural Supplements for Hair
Thinning hair and hair loss can sometimes be nus effects of a deficiency of certain regenerative substances that keep our bodies healthy. While there exist many chemical wonders of modern science, it’s hard to top the natural mixtures to get thicker hair. Here are some useful,  ingredients that all natural supplements for hair should contain, helping you make your hair full and luscious again.

Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenic acid, also called vitamin B5, is a nutrient used to synthesize and metabolize proteins in our body. Being the essential building materials for our body, proteins are an absolute necessity for getting thicker hair. They replicate and repair our DNA, so we can stay healthy.

Speaking of protein, one of the best sources is barley grass. It’s about 45% protein – that’s almost twice as much as wheat germ – and it contains five times the minerals found in animal proteins. Plus, it contains almost no fat.


This substance is important for oxygen transportation and the manufacture of enzymes in our bodies. Enzymes help our body process nutrients faster, including protein; in short, they help make fuller hair at a faster rate.


Zinc is perhaps the most important ingredient to look for in natural supplements for hair. This little element is found in almost every enzyme in our body, and has roles in the metabolism of our DNA and RNA; meaning it helps protect our cells from damage. It also helps prevent a dry, flaky scalp.

Folic Acid

Anemia is a condition developed by a lack of healthy red blood cells. This condition not only makes you tired and exhausted, but it also causes hair thinning and even hair loss. Folic acid is very important in preventing this, as it provides our blood cells with folate, which in turn helps reproduce our cells – including the ones in our blood. This acid must be ingested; our bodies cannot make it themselves.

Natural Supplements for Hair – Catalase

Of all the aforementioned nutrients and substances, this one is arguably the most crucial one. Catalase catalyzes the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in our bodies into water and oxygen.
What is hydrogen peroxide? It’s a common, but harmful byproduct of our metabolic process. It causes damage to cells and tissues, and catalase converts it quickly into less harmful substances. Failure to do so not only damages hair, but can also cause obesity and fatty liver.

So, which natural supplements for hair contain the substances mentioned above? CatalaseNow is a great choice, as it contains all those ingredients, and many more. And with a risk-free offer, it’s among the better choices of natural hair supplements.