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Styling Tips on How to Get Thicker Fuller Hair

How to Get Thicker Fuller Hair
So far we have shared techniques for getting thicker that are all pretty straightforward and involve lifestyle changes. We’ve touched on some cosmetic tips for here and there, but what if we told you that proper styling can make your hair thicker? Today, we’ll be telling you how to get thicker fuller hair with some practical tips.

Cool It Down and Dry Naturally

Our hair tends to be exposed to a lot of heat on a daily basis. Whether it’s sunbathing, the tanning bed, the iron, or even just drying it with a dryer, it soaks up a lot of temperature. Well, that’s actually something you’d really want to avoid. If you’re planning on getting some tan, always consider concealing your hair and protecting it. Likewise, try to avoid the blow dryer as much as possible. It’s always better to let you hair dry off naturally. If you really need to use it, try this: flip your head over and blow from the back of your neck upwards. This is something similar to the root teasing we covered in the previous articles and will help you achieve fuller, thicker hair.

Use Protective Styling to Achieve Voluminous Looks

When talking about how to get thicker fuller hair, this one is always overlooked. There are ways to style your hair to make it less exposed to any potential damage. However, these styles mostly involve straining your hair, so you should keep them only for short periods of time. They include twists, braids, wigs and weaves.  And if you really want to make it straight, try growing it a bit more. The weight of the hair will cause it to straighten out. You can protect your hair even while sleeping. Tie a high, loose bun and secure it with some bobby pins. This will not only protect your ends like the other ones, but will also tease your hair at the roots and make it look more voluminous.

How to Get Thicker Fuller Hair with Supplements

Of course, these tips will be very helpful, boosting your hair even while sleeping. But they can only ever get you so far. To really get proper results, you also need good vitamin complexes. To give your hair all the ingredients it needs, we recommend CatalaseNow, also known as GetAwayGrey. Its results should be visible in 8-12 weeks. Take advantage of this risk-free offer to start giving your hair the care it deserves.