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Substances You Didn’t Know Could Make Your Hair Thicker

Make Your Hair Thicker
There are many things you can use to get thicker hair. We’ve already covered a lot of them. However, there are many things you can use as supplements for hair growth, which you probably never knew could make your hair thicker. We’ve made a little list of those unlikely candidates for the strangest, yet also some of the best hair supplements around.

Refreshing Drink and Amazing Supplement – Beer

Beer has many nutrients in it, being made of wheat after all. For one, it’s rich in vitamins B6 and B12, which we’ve already mentioned can efficiently make your hair thicker; and only one bottle of beer can hold up to 12.5% of the daily recommended intake of B6. However, it’s true that it also has a lot of calories. So, there’s a way to get all the benefits of the good stuff and none of the downsides: rather than drinking it, you rub it on your hair. Pour it over your hair after a shower and rub it in thoroughly. Then, let it sit for 3-4 minutes. To avoid the smell of it lingering on your hair, put some fragrant conditioner afterwards. Just make sure the beer is flat (when all the fizz is gone) before you do it.

Wonderfully, Minty Fresh – Peppermint

If you’ve ever been to Egypt, you might’ve come across one of those shops that sells essential oils. A lot of those are very fragrant and made of various flowers, often used in the cosmetic industry as a basis for perfume. However, the Egyptians claim that these oils can have a variety of health benefits. One of them is peppermint. They claim this can cure stomach pains and clear sinuses. Well, we’ve found one more thing to add to that list: it can be very good for your hair. While not as effective as beer, it will increase your blood flow, stimulate your follicles, help clear dandruff and unclog pores to make your hair stronger, shinier and more voluminous. Plus, you don’t get the foul odor you would with beer.

Make Your Hair Thicker with Onion Juice

Well, the bad news is we’ll end on another one with a rather unpleasant smell. The good news is that this one is probably the best of the bunch.

Onion juice – much like catalase which we talked about – can stop premature hair greying, make your hair thicker, and even treat dandruff. The main reason it’s able to work this way is because it’s rich in sulfur. Sulfur is a crucial ingredient in many proteins, like keratin. It also helps promote the production of collagen – our main structural protein.

To give your hair all the beneficial ingredients, we recommend CatalaseNow, also known as GetAwayGrey. Its results should be visible in 8-12 weeks. Take advantage of this risk-free offer to start giving your hair the care it deserves.