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What is the best supplement for hair growth and thickness?

supplement for hair
If you have seen commercials proclaiming miraculous hair growth results, you are probably wondering if there is any truth in these claims. Can there be a supplement for hair thickening or growth that really works? Luckily for all of us, there are some things that can be done to encourage hair growth and reduce hair loss. Some of those solutions do include hair supplements. However, in order to be able to determine which supplement is best for your hair, you need to know how they work.

Best Supplements for Hair Growth

Growth of your hair is in direct dependence from the minerals and vitamins that your body consumes. Your hair needs proper quantity and quality of nutrients, not only to grow but also to stay shiny and healthy. One of the first steps toward getting the locks of your dreams is consuming enough of these nutrients. Ideally, you would consume all the nutrients through healthy and well-rounded diet. But, with our busy life schedules, sometimes it is very hard to cover all the aspects of healthy nutrition. For most of us, there is simply not enough time to prepare the meals that would provide our hair with all the minerals and vitamins it needs. That is one of the main reasons why hair supplements have become such a popular solution for a great number of people.

What Ingredients to Look For in a Supplement for Hair?

When it comes to choosing the right supplement for hair growth and thickness, you need to look after those that contain the crucial ingredients. There are several vitamins that your hair needs the most, such as B-complex vitamins like Niacin and Biotin.
Niacin, or vitamin B3, helps the body to process food and provide energy. It is beneficial for maintenance of healthy cells and proper functioning of fats and sugars in the body. It has a crucial role in DNA and cell repair. Consequently, it also helps repair of damaged hair, preventing hair from shedding or becoming brittle. Sufficient intake of Niacin prevents many diseases and disorders

You should also look after supplements that contain protein, Vitamin D, Omega 3 fatty acids, Zinc and Iron. Each of these nutrients has a very important role in your organism, directly benefitting your hair.

Catalase Supplement for Hair

Catalase is an enzyme that protects the cells from oxidative damage by reactive oxygen. The amount of catalase in organism gets reduced with age, resulting in the graying process of human hair. When looking after a perfect supplement for hair growth, you should ensure that it also contains catalase enzyme. It may help prevent the hair greying. One of the hair supplements that contains all the ingredients beneficial for hair is CatalaseNow. This risk-free offer will enable you to start taking all the nutrients that may help your hair look thick and shiny.