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Regular Vitamin Pills Vs. Supplements for Hair Growth

Supplements for Hair Growth
We have written a lot about various nutrients that can make your hair become thicker. With the proteins, minerals and vitamins that we have listed, you must have asked yourself: why not just buy regular vitamin pills? It seems that most of the nutrients can be found in them so why not just take those and improve the health of the whole body along with the hair! Well, that notion is only partially true. As you may expect, there are certain things in supplements for hair growth that you cannot find in regular vitamin pills. We will list a few of them in this article.

Not All Vitamins Are Useful for Your Hair

Vitamin pills and supplements for hair growth share many common nutrients. However, the supplements contain specifically those which help in making fuller hair. Anything that can affect your body otherwise is pretty much an afterthought. On the other hand, vitamin pills have a main purpose to improve overall health. Anything that affects your hair is a side effect, and a very rare one at that. In order to get thicker hair, especially in some worse cases, it takes much more than the few and far between vitamins for hair thickness found in regular vitamin pills.

Supplements for Hair Growth contain anti-oxidants

One of the more important things that hair supplements have and vitamin pills don’t is anti-oxidants. As you know, water is a big part of the human body, 60% of it in fact. Now, water is made of 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen. If it gets any extra oxygen, it turns into hydrogen peroxide, a substance that is the cause of the effects of aging.

Our body disposes with numerous ways of turning this harmful substance into water and oxygen. However, it slowly loses this ability over time, leading to wrinkles, grey hair, hair loss, etc. One of the things that helps our body with this process is something called catalase. It catalyzes (speeds up) the process of turning hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen, hence the name. It’s because of the lack of catalase in our bodies as they get older that the aging process goes faster.

CatalaseNow supplement

In conclusion, something that good supplements for hair growth should have, arguably more important than vitamins, is anti-oxidants.  CatalaseNow is a one such hair supplement, that contains numerous natural ingredients and anti-oxidants. You may also know it under the name ‘GetAwayGrey‘. Furthermore, it can make results visible in 8-12 weeks. Take advantage of this risk-free offer to start giving your hair the care it deserves.