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What Supplements for Hair Will Look Like in a Few Years

supplements for hair
When we’re constantly being carried forward by the stream of time and life, we often wonder what we’ll see behind the next curve. Whether it’s something big and life changing as marriage or as small as hair products, we are curious by nature. So, on that note, let’s take a quick peek into what the future holds for our hair! But before we delve into the future, let’s get some context from the past. In 2009, a team of scientists has discovered that a buildup of hydrogen peroxide causes gray hair and hair loss. There were many efforts to try and stop those effects by creating the best supplements for hair. So, could the faraway methods of tomorrow be better than even the best hair pill? Let’s find out!

Finasteride Paints it Black

For all of you who have black hair turned grey, or just want to have your hair much darker, this is good news. In 2014, a team of scientists in Belgium have been able to turn blond hair brown! While no tests have been performed to see whether it has the same effect on graying hair, they say it’s very possible that this could work.

Although, since it’s a substance that reduces DHT – a type of testosterone – there might be some risks involved as well. There isn’t nearly enough evidence, so don’t expect to find finasteride in any supplements for hair soon.

Japan Finds a Way to Grow Hair Back

Always spearheading various scientific achievements, Japan proves itself again with this amazing discovery. For now, researchers tested it on mice only, but the results were incredible.

By taking stem cells (cells that make roots) and transplanting them from a regular mouse to a bald one, these scientists have been able to restore up to 74% of its hair. They were even able to change the color and density of the hair by combining different cells! And best of all, when they transplanted human hair – it grew as well. This might prove to be the ultimate way to make your hair thicker!

Pseudocatalase – Better Supplements for Hair than the Real Deal?

If you don’t know what catalase is, it’s a protein in our body that turns hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. So, what would pseudocatalase be?

In 2013, a team of scientists has declared that they have found a cure for vitiligo – a disease that causes loss of pigmentation. They claimed that this substance would be able to reverse the effects of grey hair. Researchers proved it to be a lie, however. The real catalase still wins, both with reversing grey hair and getting thicker hair.

Unlike all of the above, catalase is available in the form of a high quality hair supplement CatalaseNow. You may also know it under the name GetAwayGrey on some markets. While it might not grow hair out of a bald mouse, it can help do wonders for your own hair. And the offer is risk-free.