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Catalase Supplements – Anti Aging Pills?

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When we think of aging, we usually think of wrinkles on the face and saggy skin. However, aging is not only visible on your skin. Unfortunately, as the years go by, you will notice that your hair looks different, too. It’s only graying, your hair also looks coarser, thinner, finer. The volume and the vibrancy slowly diminish. Your hair starts looking dull and lifeless. If you still feel young and full of energy, you will not be pleased. You want to look as young as you feel. After all, hair is one of the first features that people notice.

Hair and Aging

As we age, our hair changes its color, texture, and density. Losing hair is usually associated with men, however, women are not immune to hair loss. The majority of people of both sexes will experience hair loss to a certain degree. The slowlier rate of hair growth is also noticeable. The reasons can be various, but it is usually related to the altered hormone balance. With age, our scalp produces less sebum – that’s why mature hair is usually drier and more prone to breakage. Every decade we live we can notice a 10% drop in the sebum production. Not only that, but we slowly start noticing more and more gray hairs popping up (although this happens to younger people, as well)

Catalase Enzyme vs Aging

Currently, the studies are conducted on the connection between the levels of Catalase enzyme in the body and hair graying. As we get older, the Catalase in our system can diminish. On the other hand, Hydrogen Peroxide can make our hair look less appealing and less youthful. It is suspected that Catalase is a key component in combating the toxic effect of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Catalase Supplements

Luckily, nowadays there are more ways to preserve your youth and health than ever. Still unknown to the mainstream public, there are many catalase hair supplements that contain this super powerful antioxidant. One of the products is CatalaseNow, which contains herbal, plant and mineral additives (along with Catalase) to support shine and thickness to your hair from the inside out. The CatalaseNow Super premium vitamin supplement can leave your hair noticeably thicker. Similar catalase supplements include products such as Catalase Extreme, Catalase Extreme 10 000, Catalase XP and Gray Hair Rescind.

Have you ever tried Catalase supplements?

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