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What Is There Besides Vitamins to Grow Thicker Hair?

Vitamins to Grow Thicker Hair
It’s already well-known that you need your protein and vitamins to grow thicker hair. However, there’s a whole list of other things that are absolutely necessary, but are often overlooked. They’re essential substances, but can’t really be classified as neither vitamins, nor any other type of nutrient. We’ll provide a short overview of some of the more important substances of that category. Likewise, we’ll only be putting substances found in supplements for hair growth.

Chlorophyll, the Health Bank

Chlorophyll has a lot of nutrients in it, a myriad of minerals and vitamins to grow thicker hair. However, chlorophyll in itself technically isn’t a nutrient, and as such has benefits outside its nutritional value – so we decided to go with it.

Chlorophyll has the ability to increase the number of red blood cells and enhances their ability to carry oxygen. With that, it improves our circulation, which can help detoxify the body and get thicker hair.

It also helps with digestive problems. It’s an effective drug for constipation, as it takes care of a specific type of bacteria that causes it. This way, it also helps prevent bad breath.

So, in addition to its richness with vitamins to grow thicker hair, it comes with a number of other bonuses that make your body healthier as a whole.

Catalase – Antioxidant Catalyst Better than Any Vitamins to Grow Thicker Hair

 Antioxidants in themselves are a type of nutrient, but catalase can’t really be classified in the same directory. While it’s not directly responsible for anti-oxidation, it increases the speed of the process dramatically.

But why is anti-oxidation such an important process? Well, it will free you of a dangerous substance called hydrogen peroxide. This substance is  the number 1 cause of thinning, greying hair and wrinkled skin. As we grow older, the amount of Catalase in our bodies decreases, which leads to more grey hair and wrinkles – ergo, aging.

The reason scientists think hydrogen peroxide does this is because they found that, the higher the levels of it are in our bodies, the less our body is capable of producing melanin – the pigment that gives our skin and hair color and also plays an important role in producing the hair follicles.

To give your hair all the ingredients it needs, we recommend CatalaseNow, also known as GetAwayGrey. Its results should be visible in 8-12 weeks. Take advantage of this risk-free offer to start giving your hair the care it deserves.