Naturally Supports Great Looking Hair

Introducing CatalaseNow To Support Younger, Thicker and Fuller Hair

CatalaseNow supports thicker and fuller hair with Catalase, a powerful super antioxidant scientifically studied enzyme that helps break down hydrogen peroxide, the culprit to why we go gray. CatalaseNow may help reverse gray hair, based preliminary research, and anecdotal evidence from our customers. As we get older, catalase in our body diminishes, with new hair becoming bleached from the inside out.

Other important health benefits of Catalase

Not only does CatalaseNow help make your hair look thicker, fuller and more youthful, but catalase is an important anti-aging ingredient: Hydrogen peroxide is the splitting of the cells, often referred to as "free radicals", and these free radicals are apart of the aging process and can directly cause illness--an important role of catalase is that it helps break down these free radicals circulating in our body.

We have put 5000IUs of Catalase to support youthful, thicker and more fuller hair so you can look as young as you feel with our healthy anti-aging catalase enzyme.

How Does Our CatalaseNow Work?

CatalaseNow is an all-in-one Super Premium vitamin formula specifically formulated for your hair by featuring a super concentration of Catalase. It's packed with a proprietary blend of our all-natural Super Premium vitamins and herbs, including Biotin, Folic Acid, L-Tyrosine, Pantothenic Acid, Fo Ti, Nettle Root Extract, all to support healthy thicker, fuller and younger looking hair from the inside out while building your Catalase levels to help combat and break down the unhealthy impact of hydrogen peroxide.

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